Gangrel's Wrestling Asylum

This is the official Shopify page of former WWE Superstar Gangrel. Please check out all of his official products. For information on joining the Asylum in Dania Beach Florida give us a call at (954) 505-3201

Customer Reviews

Gangrel is very professional on what he does. He is on of my all time favorites since I was a teenager. And man he does not age anymore. I'm more than happy and proud of the fact that he still is in this great business we called wrestling. Keep up the great work my friend!!!

Hector Roldan

Having done a seminar with the man himself, I can tell you he brings out the best in his students. Of all the places anyone could go if they're serious about making it, this is one of them. Don't miss this opportunity.

Sean Icon

Gangrel was a positive mentor to me growing up...he was my childhood hero!!! I knew him personally and he taught me that it was possible to follow my dreams and nothing was unreachable!!! He was the reason i achieved my dream of being a wrestler... thanks cuz!!!

M Derek Graham

Gangrel taught me for years! I learned a lot from him. Not just wrestling moves but wrestling psychology as well which is just as important. 
I learned how to protect myself as well.

Monique C. Martin

He’s a Former WWE legend it’s guaranteed if you put your all you’ll learn from him he’s a wonderful trainer and a good guy with lots of respect

Wesley Adames

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